Thanksgiving Getaway

It has been too long since I updated the blog!! We’ve been in the Dallas area since mid September, and other than my husband’s crummy work hours, we are really settling in and enjoying it here. We got the chance this weekend to head down to Houston and see some family for Thanksgiving. It is so much nicer having a 4 hour drive instead of 20+ hours! We had to cut the trip short since my husband worked Saturday but not before we caught up with family, had a great Thanksgiving meal, and spent some time on the water.

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Welcome Home!

I’m not gonna lie…this blog post is a little bittersweet for me. August was month full of homecomings – and Monday night’s was my last one. My husband and I are moving from NC to the Dallas area next month where we won’t be near a military base – or homecomings!! Maybe after recruiting duty we will move back near a military base but until then, I will definitely miss photographing these amazing moments!

That said, I could not have had a sweeter family to capture my final reunion for. I got an early morning phone call from Megan saying that the guys were ahead of schedule (which rarely happens with homecomings!!). I got myself ready and met up with Megan and her sweet boy at the hangar. After rushing to get there on time for an earlier than expected arrival, everyone was extra anxious and ready for the reunion. The busses pulled up just as the first hint of morning light hit the sky. The Marines got off the busses, found their loved ones, and life was complete again.

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Welcome Home, Tyler!

Last Thursday morning, the first group of Marines from 3/6 made their way home! I say all the time how exciting homecomings are…but it is completely true, and this was no exception. I met up with Leah who was welcoming home her fiancee Tyler, as well as his parents and friends. After plenty of waiting, we finally got word that they were on base and would be there soon! The Marines walked up in formation, and Leah and the other families set eyes on their heroes for the first time in too long. Welcome home to the Marines of 3/6 (who continued arriving in groups throughout the rest of the week), and to Tyler! Best of luck to yall with the wedding plans! :D


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Welcome Home, Marines!

Around 3:00am last Monday morning, you were probably sleeping. Elsie and a lot of other Marine families were anxiously waiting for busses full of their heroes to drive up. At 4:00am, you might have still been sleeping, or you might have been waking to start the long work week…frustrated that it was a Monday. Elsie and those other families were finally seeing their Marines for the first time in 7+ months. Excitement and relief always fill the air of homecomings. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4am or 4pm, Monday or Saturday, freezing cold or burning hot. None of those simple frustrations matter anymore when you get your arms around your Marine and you know once and for all, he is home, safe and sound.wmIMG_0006 wmIMG_0010 wmIMG_0009 wmIMG_0013 wmIMG_0014 wmIMG_0016 wmIMG_0018 wmIMG_0029 wmIMG_0031wmIMG_0035wmIMG_0039 wmIMG_0043

Family Time & Forrest

Back in June, my husband and I took a quick weekend trip to Texas to visit some family and meet my nephew, Forrest. Things have been crazy busy since then, but I finally got through the photos from the trip and they are ready to share! We are still waiting on news of where our next move with the military will take us, but we are definitely hoping to be closer to all of our family for a change. On to the photos…isn’t he too stinkin’ adorable?

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Uncle Tim with Forrest
Uncle Tim with Forrest
Aunt Rachel (yours truly!) with Forrest
3 generations


Newborn | Kaden Eli

It has been a baby filled couple of weeks around here!! On Thursday, June 13, our good friends and neighbors welcomed Baby Kaden into the world! About a week later, we met up and did his newborn session (my second newborn session ever!). The next day, my husband and I went out of town to visit my nephew, Forrest who is about a month old (pics from that coming later!). I am so excited to have these two perfect little guys in my life.

I finally got through editing Kaden’s photos and am excited to share them. I actually love newborn photography and if I ever get more consistent and confident in handling/posing them, it might be something I consider pursuing more of. My setup is extremely basic and I don’t have a lot of props or hats. On one hand, I would love to have more backdrops and cute props – on the other hand I like that it challenges me to capture the simplicity of newborns without all the bells and whistles. Let’s be honest though…those little babies don’t need much help in being adorable!! Enjoy the photos and congrats again to Brad & Milly on Kaden and congrats to big sister Melody on your new baby brother!!

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Beneath the Trees | NC Camping

My husband and I spent our Memorial Day Weekend camping in the beautiful Pisgah National Forest. We packed the car, turned up the radio, and headed west! We’ve been wanting to get back into camping (it’s actually how we met when we were 15 and 16!) and since we are moving from the area before the year is done, we wanted to take the long weekend and get out to the mountains. We had a great time biking, hiking, seeing waterfalls, sitting around the fire making smores, and just relaxing. And of course, taking photos! Enjoy :D ¬†Click on any image to view it larger or to go through them all at a larger size.


Dreaming in Black & White

Sometimes I see the world in black and white. Like when I’m hiking through the forest with my camera and there is amazing contrast, light, and an ethereal quality to the whole scene around me. I mean seriously…my camera was practically begging me to press the shutter!

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