Earlier this month I attended a Precious Beginnings Newborn Workshop with Cherise of Cherise Kiel Photography. It was so much fun and super helpful. No topic was off limits – from posing, safety, and soothing to post processing, marketing/business, and lighting…we went over a LOT in 2 days. We even had a beautiful maternity model come in on the first evening.

I adore how some of these images came out. I am not responsible for the posing in the newborn or maternity photos, but they were shot and edited by me. When we have a do-over of day 2 (our models for that day were cancelled due to lightning striking the neighbor’s house…scary stuff!!), I am really looking forward to doing hands-on posing a bit more and putting all of this into practice.

I’ve been putting off starting my business for various reasons – but this workshop really lit a fire under my butt and reassured me that it’s something I want to do and can do when the time is right. All that said…enjoy! Baby fever may be a side effect of viewing the following images ;)



2 thoughts on “Newborn Workshop

  1. So cute…wish you had been down here when Grant was born….If you need another older baby to take pics of I have an adorable grandson.. He was 4 months yesterday.

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