I finally took the plunge and photographed my first wedding! My good friend from college got married a few weeks ago. Amanda and her lucky groom, Adrian had a beautiful, small wedding by the lake surrounded by close family and friends. It fit them perfectly and I’m so glad it worked out for me to come and capture their day for them! Congratulations again to Amanda & Adrian – Tim and I wish you nothing but happiness!

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7 thoughts on “Amanda & Adrian | Wedding

      1. So awesome! I need to get me a 50. Im still on a cropped sense. Cant wait to upgrade to a full frame. How is the 70-200? I was gonna use it weeks age but got the 24-70 cause i needed wide for tight area shots

      2. 70-200 was amazing! I rented so I haven’t had a ton of use but it was perfect for this outdoor wedding. I use my 50mm more than I ever imagined I would when I got it – but it’s on a full frame so it’s a bit wider than it would be on a crop sensor.

      3. I’m in Plano/North Dallas in Texas. Right now I’m only doing personal work and not operating a business so marketing isn’t a huge thing for me, but I do try to get my name and work out there through the blog and facebook. Facebook is harder these days for pages, though! I think word of mouth is probably one of the best ways!

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