My husband and I recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (crazy!). We took the weekend to drive up to Beavers Bend Park in Oklahoma and rent a cabin. We’d never been there before but it turned out amazing! I definitely recommend this place – they had beautiful cabins, tent and RV sites. The bathrooms for the tent sites quite frankly sucked, but the RV area ones were nice and clean and our cabin was really nice. We had a great time hiking, fishing, sitting around a campfire and even got in some night photography – though the clouds were moving in too quick for a lot of star shots. We’re excited to hopefully have plenty more camping trips this Spring/Summer!

wmIMG_0002 wmIMG_0003 wmIMG_0004 wmIMG_0007 wmIMG_0008 wmIMG_0011 wmIMG_0014 wmIMG_0017 wmIMG_0019 wmIMG_0021 wmIMG_0022 wmIMG_0023 wmIMG_0024 wmIMG_0025 wmIMG_0029


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