I do the same thing that most photographers aren’t supposed to do…but do anyway. Compare themselves. Compare themselves with other photographers. They have better equipment. A better studio. Better work. Prettier locations. More clientele. The biggest one of these things is comparing work. On one hand it’s a great thing because it pushes me to be better and learn what I can change. On the other hand…it really isn’t ever fair to judge your work against another photographer’s…you’re in a different place in your journey than they are. “The only photographer you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be.” I’ve always heard and loved that quote. I’ve always been told to “keep shooting!” And when I sit down and look back at my work since I started shooting in 2011 – the photographer posting this today has grown exponentially. I see a style emerging. I see consistency in my work. I see better quality, composition, use of surroundings and light, and better understanding of my camera. I see what comes with the best learning tool you have…practice.

I had a lot to choose from when picking which of my images to post and compare, but I chose these comparisons because they were similar in style of shoot (family of 3/maternity/child). Also, can I just give a huge shout out to the family in the earlier (and some of the more recent) photos?! Yall have been with be from the beginning and I have loved (overused photography pun coming up!) shooting you :) Can’t wait to see how my work looks in a year!

ComparisonComparison2Comparison5 Comparison3 Comparison4


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