I’m not gonna lie…this blog post is a little bittersweet for me. August was month full of homecomings – and Monday night’s was my last one. My husband and I are moving from NC to the Dallas area next month where we won’t be near a military base – or homecomings!! Maybe after recruiting duty we will move back near a military base but until then, I will definitely miss photographing these amazing moments!

That said, I could not have had a sweeter family to capture my final reunion for. I got an early morning phone call from Megan saying that the guys were ahead of schedule (which rarely happens with homecomings!!). I got myself ready and met up with Megan and her sweet boy at the hangar. After rushing to get there on time for an earlier than expected arrival, everyone was extra anxious and ready for the reunion. The busses pulled up just as the first hint of morning light hit the sky. The Marines got off the busses, found their loved ones, and life was complete again.

wmIMG_0032 wmIMG_0003 wmIMG_0005 wmIMG_0010 wmIMG_0012 wmIMG_0014wmIMG_0019wmIMG_0021wmIMG_0017 wmIMG_0026 wmIMG_0029 wmIMG_0031

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