Last Thursday morning, the first group of Marines from 3/6 made their way home! I say all the time how exciting homecomings are…but it is completely true, and this was no exception. I met up with Leah who was welcoming home her fiancee Tyler, as well as his parents and friends. After plenty of waiting, we finally got word that they were on base and would be there soon! The Marines walked up in formation, and Leah and the other families set eyes on their heroes for the first time in too long. Welcome home to the Marines of 3/6 (who continued arriving in groups throughout the rest of the week), and to Tyler! Best of luck to yall with the wedding plans! :D


wmIMG_0010 wmIMG_0013 wmIMG_0016 wmIMG_0018 wmIMG_0022 wmIMG_0024 wmIMG_0029 wmIMG_0031 wmIMG_0035wmIMG_0036 wmIMG_0040wmIMG_0042


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