Around 3:00am last Monday morning, you were probably sleeping. Elsie and a lot of other Marine families were anxiously waiting for busses full of their heroes to drive up. At 4:00am, you might have still been sleeping, or you might have been waking to start the long work week…frustrated that it was a Monday. Elsie and those other families were finally seeing their Marines for the first time in 7+ months. Excitement and relief always fill the air of homecomings. It doesn’t matter if it’s 4am or 4pm, Monday or Saturday, freezing cold or burning hot. None of those simple frustrations matter anymore when you get your arms around your Marine and you know once and for all, he is home, safe and sound.wmIMG_0006 wmIMG_0010 wmIMG_0009 wmIMG_0013 wmIMG_0014 wmIMG_0016 wmIMG_0018 wmIMG_0029 wmIMG_0031wmIMG_0035wmIMG_0039 wmIMG_0043

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