It has been a baby filled couple of weeks around here!! On Thursday, June 13, our good friends and neighbors welcomed Baby Kaden into the world! About a week later, we met up and did his newborn session (my second newborn session ever!). The next day, my husband and I went out of town to visit my nephew, Forrest who is about a month old (pics from that coming later!). I am so excited to have these two perfect little guys in my life.

I finally got through editing Kaden’s photos and am excited to share them. I actually love newborn photography and if I ever get more consistent and confident in handling/posing them, it might be something I consider pursuing more of. My setup is extremely basic and I don’t have a lot of props or hats. On one hand, I would love to have more backdrops and cute props – on the other hand I like that it challenges me to capture the simplicity of newborns without all the bells and whistles. Let’s be honest though…those little babies don’t need much help in being adorable!! Enjoy the photos and congrats again to Brad & Milly on Kaden and congrats to big sister Melody on your new baby brother!!

wmIMG_0002 wmIMG_0008wmIMG_0011wmIMG_0013 wmIMG_0016 wmIMG_0020 wmIMG_0023 wmIMG_0025 wmIMG_0028 wmIMG_0031 wmIMG_0033 wmIMG_0040 wmIMG_0039

2 thoughts on “Newborn | Kaden Eli

  1. Hi, Rachel

    Nice simple shot for the newborns! I felt the same way – simplicity is the best! May I ask what lighting you use for this adorable newborn? I use Canon too. Which lens /body you use for this?

    I live in Houston, just moved from South carolina to TX. like your work and blogs very much!


    1. Hi Lily! Thank you so much…I love photographing newborns and sometimes simple, clean shots can be the way to go. I used all natural light for this setup. I positioned baby near a window with lots of natural light coming in, and used a reflector in some shots as well. I used my 5D Mark III and 24-105 lens. I think I switched to my wide angle for the crib shots.

      I actually just moved to Texas too (Dallas area!) from NC, and I grew up southeast of Houston! Small world :) Hope you are enjoying Texas!!

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