Before the holiday weekend, I photographed a homecoming for Jacqui & Nathan. The Marines were one of the last flights of 3/9 to return and as always with homecomings, it was a long awaited reunion. When they finally got off the buses, it seemed to take forever before Jacqui found her Marine. When they finally spotted each other, the deployment was officially over and the moment was amazing! Thank you guys for letting me capture your reunion, and congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

wmIMG_0005 wmIMG_0009 wmIMG_0012 wmIMG_0017 wmIMG_0019 Hcoming wmIMG_0028 wmIMG_0026


2 thoughts on “Welcome Home, 3/9!

  1. :’) i am finnally getting to look at these, & crying happy tears. this is beautiful! thank you so much!!! <3

  2. My son was deployed with Nathan and 3/9 and he was on those busses that came home that night. The photos you captured of Jacqui & Nathan are simply beautiful and breathtaking and captured the feeling of those moments perfectly. I’m sure they will treasure these for eternity!!!

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