It’s been two years since I lost my mom and stepdad. One year ago I wrote this blog post. It’s pretty much how I feel today…only I’m dealing with it a little bit better. That’s kind of the overall feel of today. It still hurts just as much, but I am handling it better. I still miss them as much as I always have, but I deal a little bit better. I still have rough days, but I get through them a bit easier. I still take it day by day…which is really how life should be.

I am more thankful for my amazing husband, friends and family than I have ever been. I wish that my mom and John could be here for all the amazing things that have happened in the last two years, but that doesn’t take away how happy I am for all those things. It’s been two years, and I have tried to live my life in a way to make her proud. I will continue that for years. I am saddened that she won’t be here for so many things in my life, but I am still so crazy excited for all those things to happen. My mom loved the lyrics to “I Hope You Dance,” so I try to remember those words often.

If I live my life in a way that would make her happy…if I love my family and friends without fear, if I bring a bit of goodness to the world, if I celebrate and laugh during the good times, and cry but find strength in the bad, if I open my heart and mind, if I find beauty and joy in simplicity – if I do all these simple things that people can forget in the hustle and bustle of life, then I feel as though I have made her proud. That is what gets me through today, and every other day.

Michael and I were so lucky to have you as our mom. Love you always and miss you so much every day.


One thought on “How Time Flies

  1. Thank you Rachel for putting into words what so many of us are feeling. It seems like yesterday sometimes but easier to deal with as times goes by. Just as loved and missed as ever.

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