I had the opportunity VERY early this morning to photograph the last leg of 3/9 Marines arriving home and reuniting with their loved ones. It will be a bit before I get through all the images since I have a busy weekend coming up, but I just couldn’t help sharing a few of my favorites.

Homecomings are so amazing. Emotions are high. Everyone has had enough waiting and is ready to get their arms around their Marine. Babies meeting daddies, mothers seeing sons, and in the case of my lovely client, soon to be newlyweds reuniting after far too long apart. Congratulations Jacqui & Nathan! Keep an eye out for a more complete blog post of images from this homecoming but for now…enjoy these few :D

wmIMG_0002 wmIMG_0003

We couldn’t find her guy! This awesome man with the pink balloons held them up high so her Marine could find her!
wmIMG_0004 wmIMG_0005 wmIMG_0006 wmIMG_0008


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