I’ve been a bit MIA from the blog lately. After my last shoot with 3 year old Alexander, my husband and I took a week to visit family and friends in Texas, and the photos from that trip are finally done!

We had a great time catching up with everyone while we were in town. We also had a few adventures…walking the square in McKinney (check out the photos…is that not the most gorgeous public bathroom you’ve seen?!), rock climbing, and even hit a Rangers game. Since my husband is doing recruiting duty soon, we’re hoping that we can be stationed in Texas somewhere. It’s not an easy place to get, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed because it would be wonderful to be near to those we love, in the place that will always be home to us!

wmIMG_0001 wmIMG_0004 wmIMG_0006 wmIMG_0009 wmIMG_0010
These are of my brother and husband (Michael and Tim) at a rock climbing facility. It was by accident that they are on the exact same rocks, in the same position for these two shots! The first one is my brother climbing, the second one my husband. wmIMG_0014 wmIMG_0017 wmIMG_0021 lrIMG_0028 lrIMG_0027

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