Capturing special moments and milestones in people’s lives is always an amazing thing. But when those people are your own brother and sister in law, it makes a little more awesome. The hardest thing about the military life has got to be being away from family, so I was ridiculously excited that Michael & Molly were able to come visit from Texas for a few days. Even better that we got a maternity shoot in while they were here! 2 out of 3 days were rainy and cloudy, so a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the trip was perfect for some photos. I’m so excited for these two to be starting their family (and giving me a nephew), expected this May! Now on to the best part….the photos!

wmIMG_0002wmIMG_0008wmIMG_0010wmIMG_0013 wmIMG_0015 wmIMG_0021 wmIMG_0028wmIMG_0032 MollyMaternitywmIMG_0035 wmIMG_0047 wmIMG_0049 wmIMG_0060 wmIMG_0057


3 thoughts on “Michael & Molly Are Having a Baby!

  1. So happy for your brother and sister-n-law. She looks beautiful and you captured their happiness in these photos. Congratulations to your family.

  2. We could not be happier both them. Baby “Forest” I can’t wait to see your beautiful face and have Aunt Rachel capture to on film. With all hearts we Love you.

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