Can you believe it is 2013?! 2012 seems to have flown by. It was a busy but good year for me, especially photographically. It’s always nice to look back at the previous year and see how your photography has grown, and when I look at my 2011 photos, I notice two things. One, there aren’t nearly as many. Which means that I shot a LOT more – which is always great! Two, the quality/consistency has improved. Something that I believe comes with both shooting more and more as well as always striving to learn something new and try new things photographically. I still wouldn’t say I’m where I want to be 100%. I always want to improve. I want to get more comfortable shooting portraits – family, couples, kiddos, maternity. I feel like I’ve really gotten the hang of homecomings because I shoot so many of them, but there is always room to be even better. I want to make the effort to get out and shoot more for myself. I guess those are sort of my photographic New Year’s resolutions. Here’s to 2013 bringing lots of photos, blog posts, and new, exciting things!

Below is sort of an overview of my images from 2012. There were a ton of homecomings, a few portraits, a bit of nature photography, some amazing trips, and the lovely wedding of my brother and sis in law (who are now expecting, btw!) It was a great year and looking back at the year makes me realize how blessed I really am. Of course there are a LOT more than what you see here. If you click on each group of images, it will open up a related blog post where you can see more. Enjoy, and may your 2013 be even better than 2012 :)


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