Months ago, I was having to turn down requests to photograph the 24th MEU homecoming. It was originally scheduled for late November, and since I was in NYC during that time (see this blog post), I didn’t think I’d be available. The saying ‘semper gumby’ kicked in and the MEU was delayed in coming home by a month or so. Fortunately, they made it home just in time for Christmas! This was a huge group of Marines and Sailors coming home over the course of a week, so it’s exciting to see so many families reunited just before the holidays.

Last Sunday, I headed over to New River Air Station to photograph the return of VMM-261 from the MEU where Niki was welcoming back her husband, Sky. This couple is awesome and I’m so glad I was able to photograph their amazing homecoming for them. We didn’t have to wait long before the Marines were lining up on the tarmac for their long awaited return to their families. Once Niki spotted Sky (not easy to do in a sea of Marines!!) she took off, and finally got her Marine back in her arms. Welcome home, Sky and the rest of the 24th MEU and VMM-261. Hope everyone enjoys the photos!

wmIMG_0007 wmIMG_0013 wmIMG_0015 wmIMG_0017 Sciscoe wmIMG_0024 wmIMG_0026 wmIMG_0030 wmIMG_0033 wmIMG_0035 wmIMG_0047 wmIMG_0040


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