From the beautiful fall colors in Central Park, to the hustle of Times Square – our NYC trip was amazing! We definitely did a lot of the touristy things because well, we’re tourists! We also tried to get off the beaten path a bit. Going to a local comedy club instead of the big name one in Times Square. Spending the afternoon walking around Greenwich Village and stopping for lunch in Tribeca at the quiet little cafe (which had the cutest little glass bottles of coke!) It was amazing to experience the vibe of the city over Thanksgiving (including braving the Macy’s Parade!). We were fortunate to get amazing weather. Our hotel was stunning. And I got to share this trip with my best friend and husband, Tim.

On to the photography side of things. I’m not really sure why, but I was obsessed with wide angle shots over this trip. I LOVE them – but I am kicking myself a bit for not taking the time to find the details. I thought it was interesting because I’m usually all about getting the close up shots and forget to take in the whole scene – this trip seemed to be totally opposite! That said – these are a few of my top picks. I have a ‘top 10’, followed by a gallery of more images. Click on any photo in the gallery to see it larger and go through them all easily. Enjoy, and comments are always welcome!


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