In case you haven’t heard…there’s a crazy storm known as “Sandy” threatening the east. We were pretty lucky here in NC (at least where we are). After the worst of the wind and rain had moved through, my husband and I took a drive on the beach. It was freezing (well, maybe 50 degrees…but I’m a TX girl!), super windy and misty/rainy. But of course I braved it to get some shots! We had a great time driving around the lonely beach, getting pictures, and running as fast as we could back to the warm vehicle when we were done! Here are a few shots I got during our adventure!

I also want to take a minute to say that while I’m so thankful we weren’t hit too hard, I am thinking of the people further north who are likely to get the brunt of the storm. I hope everyone stays safe and makes it out okay!


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