It’s been a LONG while since I had pictures taken. I’m pretty sure the last time I had photos taken was at my wedding…in 2007. My husband and I have never had portraits taken together besides our wedding. You would think that photographers are great at having professional photos of themselves and their families taken on a regular basis, but I think the opposite tends to be the case (at least for me!)

So I was really excited to have the photos in this post taken! I’ve been wanting some portraits of myself and my camera for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it. Since I upgraded my equipment recently, I decided to get some shots with it before I sell my old camera. I guess I’ve really talked about photography a lot over the last few years, because my husband did an amazing job of taking these for me! I set up the camera settings, gave him an idea of what I wanted, directed a bit, and we spent a lovely afternoon getting these shots! I still have to work on setting up a portrait session of the two of us – the goal is to do that sometime before Christmas! Meanwhile…enjoy these images of yours truly, taken my by husband, Tim.

And of course a shot of the two of us, courtesy of the timer mode!



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