Yesterday my husband and I spent the day in Wilmington. Usually we aren’t fans of the hour long drive it takes to get there, but we decided to take the back roads and explore a little bit, even though it took a lot longer!

We pulled over at a small bridge and found a short trail that led down to the water. The bugs were crazy, the heat and humidity sucked, but it was gorgeous so the other stuff just didn’t matter that much! After we came back to the road, I realized that I might not have the opportunity to stand in the middle of a road and get pictures, so that’s what I did! The image you see of the road? Yeah. Picture me, laying down in the middle of the asphalt to get that shot. Don’t worry – Tim was keeping an extra set of eyes and ears out for cars, but there weren’t any. After that we headed the rest of the way to Wilmington. We had lunch at a great little place called Paddy’s Hollow. We walked along the waterfront and through a few shops. We made a quick stop at the mall because the Jville mall blows. Then we headed back home!

But enough rambling about our day – you’re here for the PHOTOS! :D The first one is perhaps one of my favorite landscape/nature shots I’ve taken recently!

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