I am by no means a wedding photographer. If I ever wanted to get into that business, I would definitely want to be an assistant first, before I take on all that pressure of capturing someone’s special day by myself. But my brother’s Hawaii wedding was a great chance to ‘play’ photographer at a wedding (don’t worry, they still had a pro!). I didn’t stress too much about getting tons of great shots because I was enjoying the day, chatting with everyone, and sitting in a seat as opposed to moving around with my camera. Overall though, I was pretty happy with what I got.

I decided to make a blurb book (my 3rd one) with my photos from the trip and wedding. I thought it would be a cool, personalized gift that I could give to my brother Michael and awesome new sister-in-law, Molly. The physical book is in the mail on the way to their house, but everyone can check out the preview online right here. Be sure to click ‘view fullscreen’ at the bottom right, and enjoy!

I also included a few shots taken at the reception, which was held in Texas a few weeks after the wedding. Check them out below the book preview!


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