It’s been about a year since I purchased my Kelly Moore camera bag and it was completely worth it. Not only do I have a stylish camera bag that doesn’t scream, “I’m carrying expensive equipment,” but it’s held up really well and been super versatile for my needs over the last year.

I decided to take a few product shots while I was at the park recently. I wish I’d gotten more images – different sides, interior, holding gear, etc – but I was pretty hungry and this girl needed to grab a bite to eat. So the images I took and the link (Kelly Moore B-Hobo) will have to do :D

I purchased my bag in walnut. I loved some of the brighter colors as well, but this goes with pretty much everything and is a nice, classic color. Some of the things I love about this bag? It comes with two straps – a longer, messenger style adjustable strap with shoulder pad, and a shorter over the shoulder strap. I usually use the messenger strap, but I’ve used both and love having the option. The interior dividers are purple – which isn’t only fun, but helps your gear stand out so it’s easy to see instead of getting lost in a hole of black.

The two front zipper pockets are perfect for business cards, keys, chapstick, extra camera cards, and credit/ID cards. The side pockets fit my phone (Evo in a case) just right. It’s also a good place to set aside the lens cap (although my 82mm cap from my Sigma is too large to fit) The longer, zippered pocket on the back is a good place to throw a pen, folded papers, or other loose, fairly small camera gear/accessories. If you fly a lot, the back zippered pocket is amazing for boarding passes and flight documents!

The main pocket has both a zipper and a magnet on the flap part. The magnet is great because you don’t have to be zipping and unzipping all the time if you’re in and out of the bag.

The inside holds my Canon 50D with 18-135mm lens, usually attached, as well as my Sigma 10-20 lens. It will also hold my battery charger (I carry it along when traveling), a shoe mount flash, my husband’s point and shoot in the case – and there’s still a bit of room to spare.

They’ve updated the bag to now include a removable iPad divider. Even without that feature on my bag, this bag was totally worth it for me! It’s made well and works perfectly – I take it on everything from quick trips around this area, to portrait sessions and military homecomings, all the way to traveling around the country.

One last thing – when I was shopping online and trying to decide on a bag, I remember looking for images of the bag actually on people to give an idea of the size. I don’t have many images with me and the bag, but this blog post is great to get a sense of how it lays and fits when in use! I’ve loved having mine with me over the last year, and it’s still in great shape even after lots of use!

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