For a while now, I’ve been looking to do something both creative and inexpensive for CD covers. I’ve seen various projects online, and I pulled from a few ideas to come up with this one. I like it because it’s so customizable – you can use any paper that suits your style! I’m so excited about handing over my next CD is this sleeve, rather than a boring clear case with zero personality. I think it really says a lot about what a photographer puts into their work…presentation is key!

After a trip to Michaels Craft Store, I was all set to start my little DIY project. All I really had to buy was scrapbook paper since I had ribbon, scissors, a ruler, and a nifty ‘circle cutter’ (not necessary, but helpful!) from my scrapbooking days. Be sure to have some ‘cheap’ paper to use as a template or practice before cutting into the good stuff!


I started out cutting a 6×6 square for the outer cover, and a 5×5 square for the inside one.


Next, trace and cut out a circle with a diameter the same size as your square. One circle with a 6″ diameter, a second one with a 5″ diameter.


Fold the circle in half. Place your square on the ‘cheap’ template paper, and use the circle half to trace semicircles around each side of the square. I like to tape down the shapes while tracing to help secure everything. (Once again, do this with both the 5″ and 6″ circles/squares) Once you’ve got it traced, cut that out. These are your templates!

Tape them down to the ‘good’ paper that you’ve chosen for your CD cover, and simply cut around the template! Then fold in each semicircle at the square edge, tucking in the last flap to secure it.


You can’t see it in this image, but I have the smaller 5″ cover carrying the CD inside this one. I feel like that’s a nice extra touch, plus a bit of extra protection for the CD itself. I used some simple ribbon to tie it all together, and TADA! Simple, cheap, easy, and totally customizable to your style!


By the way – since we’re talking about DIY and craft type projects, I should mention that I finally jumped on the pinterest bandwagon. This could be dangerous, friends!

Sources and Inspiration:

Stephanie Lake Photography

DIY Network

Daniela Curl Photography


4 thoughts on “Creative Juices | CD Sleeve

  1. OMG I love this! Question though! So do you make one… or two of them because I saw that you had cut a 6X6 and then a 5X5. I plan on giving Em and Paul the pictures I took of them and want to do this for them! Or I can just out source it to you. lol.

  2. Thanks :D I did two of them – 5×5 and 6×6. I liked the idea of having the cd in the smaller one and then that in a bigger one…seemed more finished to me! I also added in some links at the bottom of the post from where I got my ideas.

  3. This is terrific! Thank you for sharing. I am a surf photographer and am recently beginning to photograph families and couples. And I agree with you, this is so much prettier than the basic, bland cd cases. So thank you again for sharing!

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