A friend of mine came up with a sort of ‘photo challenge’ for us all to do. When we were in school, we had assignments that kept us shooting weekly, if not more. Now that we’ve graduated and life has stepped in, we find ourselves breaking out the camera less often than we’d like. So the challenge is to shoot a photograph that somehow relates to or represents a letter in the alphabet. The idea is to do this every week, but we’ll have to see how it goes…!

This shot was taken last week, Tuesday afternoon while over at a friend’s watching their son, Alexander. I’ve always loved ‘lifestyle’ photography of kids. [Check out one of my favorite photographers who excels at this style here] Something about capturing them doing simple, day to day things that are their reality, and capturing it in a way that is beautiful. I feel like those are the kind of photos they’ll cherish when they’re older. Not only does it show them as kids, but it will remind them of their childhood and relate to moments in time that were real – memories, no matter how simple. Since I don’t have any kids of my own yet, it’s not easy to get access to these moments. Which is why I took my camera on Tuesday!

I love how this image shows him totally in his element. He did not want to let go of that tractor while I was there, and lately he has been obsessed with Toy Story 3, which he is watching on the tv. I love that the shot also includes the ball and some of his other toys. I love how the low angle shows life from his perspective. I just really like the simplicity of the scene and image. So there it is – A is for Alexander!!


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