This summer, I had a travel project to do for class. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do – some more feasible than others (Italy, Africa..not so much!) But when my world took an unexpected turn, my project turned out to be something more personal than I ever expected. I managed to capture images on my trip to Texas, and they came together well in the end. This is something I’m really glad I put the effort into. I like to think my mom helped me finish up this semester. She must still be here with me, because I’m not sure I could have made it this far otherwise.

I also have a journal that goes with my travel book. However, it’s not something I think I will put up on the internet. Not so much because I mind people knowing what I wrote, but because there was something therapeutic about actually writing my thoughts in a journal rather than typing them to a blog. Maybe it’s something that my kids or grandkids down the road will find, and just maybe they will get to know a piece of me through that. And really, that’s a much nicer thought than them googling a blog sometime in the future.

But, the book is up to share :] Check out the preview below, be sure to view it full screen, and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Texas Roots

  1. Well done Rachel!!! Good luck in your photographic and career journey! You have been a terrific student and you have a great deal of talent and creativity. I know you will do well in anything you pursue! Patrick

  2. That’s really cool that you could post your travel book on here! How did you get the Become a Facebook fan icon? I hope you guys keep updating your blog that way if I don’t see you ever again [or at least till the wedding :) ] I can see what you guys are doing! You know mine will constantly be updated. :D

    1. I used for the facebook icon. And yeah we definitely have to update our blogs (hopefully we can all get work to update our blogs WITH!), and if you ever have free time between work and wedding stuff then we should all get together to hang out or have a ‘photo adventure’ lol. :]

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