Ever notice how today’s world is driven so much by social media? Pictures, videos, and stories of major news events are all being shared not only via CNN and other major stations, but by all of us everyday, ordinary people. With the ability to share something with literally hundreds of people in a single click, how can the world of social media not have a major impact? Countless businesses have created facebook pages, twitter accounts, etc. I’ve also noticed it used by many photographers. With this in mind, I’ve decided to take the plunge as well and create a facebook page.

I’m finishing school soon, and I need to start branching out to people now in hopes of getting a bit of a head start. I want to offer location portrait photography for people in the Jacksonville, NC area, as well as military homecoming photographs. I would also love to sell prints of my fine art work. With all that said, please check out my page and if you have facebook yourself, please ‘like’ my page and feel free to share it. Check it out, and I hope you all enjoy!

Eddins Photography Facebook Page

Facebook Login

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